Babylon 5: The Memory of Shadows (2006),
scénario: J. Michael Straczynski,
réalisation: Steve Beck,
producteurs exécutifs: Adam W. Rosen , Doug Netter,
producteurs: Alain Gottesman , J. Michael Straczynski,
starring: ???

Quelques mots:

Les rumeurs, jour après jour, prennent forme, s'anniment, se concrétisent. The Memory of Shadows, adaptation cinématographique de la série Babylon 5, est actuellement en pré-production en prévision d'un tournage devant débuter en avril 2005 en Angleterre sous la direction du réalisateur Steve Beck (''Ghost Ship'', ''13 Ghosts'').
Avec qui? C'est toute la question!

Fight the fight!

Dans les bureaux des directeurs de la Warner, on se dit en ce moment que ce film marcherait probablement mieux s'il pouvait avoir à son affiche de grands noms. Il serait donc bien pratique, à leurs yeux, de libérer de la place en remattant sur le marché les déjà distribués par la série.
D'après les contacts proche de la production, ce sont ainsi Lochley, Galen, Sheridan, Delenn, Londo et G'Kar qu'on pourrait vouloir nous montrer sous un tout autre visage.

Depuis que cette idée a germé chez les génies de la Warner, J. Michael Straczynski combat vigoureusement cette idée, en interne puisqu'il n'est pas encore autorisé à parler publiquement du projet. Ses opposants lui opposent que les fans de la série n'en auraient probablement rien à faire. Ce sont probablement eux la source des informations qui viennent d'être révélées sur Internet à propos du Film. Vraies, ces infos parcellaires ont néanmoins été conçues pour éviter au maximum les références au personnages majeurs de la série, afin de tester l'attachement du public à ces figures.
C'est pourquoi il est important d'offrir à Straczynski l'opportunité de dire que pour nous, ces acteurs comptent. Un moyen simple permet d'y parvenir: écrire un courrier aux responsables des studios qui développent ce film.

Voici une lettre-type à envoyer :

Warner Brothers Features Development Department
4000 Warner Boulevard
Burbank, CA 91522


Dear Warner Brothers Executives:

This letter is to thank you for developing the Babylon 5 movie, The Memory of Shadows. I am a long-time fan of the original television show and am eagerly waiting for the official announcement of the theatrical release.

Most of all, I can’t wait to see { insérer nom de l'/des acteur(s)/actrice(s) } on the big screen in the role of { insérer le nom du/des personnages }. It was the wonderful performances along with great stories that made the Babylon 5 universe one that survived schedule changes, network changes and threat of cancellation every year. The Babylon 5 fans are intensely loyal to the people who have already given them so much entertainment. New characters written specifically for The Memory of Shadows offer the opportunity for casting ‘name’ actors better known for theatrical movies.

Fans have demonstrated their loyalty and hunger for more stories in the Babylon 5 universe by making the recent releases of the DVD's so successful. Bringing the characters they love back to life with the original cast would be an excellent way to show appreciation of that loyalty and help ensure the success of the movie.

I want to encourage my friends, family and fellow fans to see The Memory of Shadows and help it to box office success. There are several models of television stars being cast in theatrical releases to huge financial reward for the studio which produced them. I encourage Warner Brothers to follow those examples

Thank you for your attention.


{ signature }

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Si vous désirez en savoir plus sur le film et ces personnages, vous pouvez mettre en surbrillance les paragraphes suivants pour y découvrir certaines informations issues du casting que la Warner a laissé sortir. (Encore en Anglais pour l'instant, je m'occupe de la traduction très vite!)

“The technology of the ancient and extinct Shadow race is being unleashed upon the galaxy by an unknown force, and Earthforce intelligence officer DIANE BAKER, whose brother was recently killed in a mysterious explosion, is out to find out who is behind the intergalactic conspiracy. Joining her in her investigation is GALEN, a techno-mage who has been charged with keeping the technology out of the hands of those who would abuse it...”

Here are the main character details:

DIANE BAKER: A bright and attractive woman in her late 20s or early 30s, she's an Earthforce Intelligence Officer in civilian clothes who is reputed to be one of the best agents in the service. When her beloved brother is killed in a mysterious explosion on his spacecraft, Diane sets out to learn what caused the tragedy. She suspects a top-level cover-up -- but before she can get to the root of the problem, she is herself accused of conspiracy and murder. Despite the efforts of her friend, Elizabeth Lochley, to shield her, Diane finds herself behind bars, prey to a corrupt official who will stop at nothing to protect his greedy self-interest. But to Diane's amazement, the remarkable Galen, a techno-mage of near-supernatural skill and daring, enlists her help in unraveling the real mystery behind the recent deaths. Their investigation reveals that an ancient technology perfected by the mystic extinct Shadow race is being unleashed upon mankind by some as yet unknown conspirator. Once unleashed, the huge and all powerful shadow vessels could enslave the entire galaxy -- unless quick steps are taken to avert calamity...

GALEN: A cloaked, mysterious figure, 30-45, he appears to be human -- but there's an intensity about him that bespeaks something supernaturally powerful and enigmatic. Yet there's also something wry and urbane about Galen, a suggestion that he has humor and wicked wit lurking under his inscrutable exterior. A techno-mage -- one of an ancient sect that used science to perform apparently miraculous feats -- Galen is the guardian left behind by his kind to ensure that the ancient Shadow technology did not fall into the wrong hands. Aghast when he realizes that his long vigilance has been violated, Galen sets out to learn who is behind the Shadow technology that now threatens the galaxy. He teams with the feisty Diane in his investigation -- and he comes to feel real tenderness for his human ally. A hero and a deeply moral force, Galen stands strong against the forces of corruption that have been unleashed by his own people...

COLONEL JOSS MORGAN: A dashing and handsome officer in his late 20s or early 30s with the Earthforce Marines, he is the head of a security detachment sent to Babylon 5 to protect a contingent of inter-galactic diplomats who are meeting there. Humorous and daring, Morgan tries to befriend Elizabeth Lochley, the current commander of Babylon 5, but she's a bit prickly about having her jurisdiction violated by his forces. Later, Morgan and his forces prepare to battle the Hunter Killers unleashed by the evil Tyrell -- a virtual suicide mission that they face with gallantry, bravery and resolve...

TYRELL: 35-45, dark, enigmatic, striking and chilling, he is another techno-mage, Galen's old childhood rival, who supposedly departed for a distant sector of the galaxy years ago. Yet Tyrell has been secretly infiltrating the area, developing the ancient shadow technology and putting it on sale to the highest bidder. A deadly adversary of supernatural skill and power, he is not a rogue, as initially suspected. In fact, he is actually carrying out a mandate of his own kind. When Galen resists the corruption and madness, Tyrell prepares to battle him to the death...